Plant Tissue Culture Technician/Lab Assistant


Company Overview

Karaiaf Agricultural Company L.L.C, was established in March 2007, Al Ain-UAE. Karaiaf Agricultural has spent several years on research, training, and development to achieve extremely successful results in date palm tissue culture technology.
Karaiaf Agricultural is considered as one of the leading global procedures of Date Palm using tissue culture technology (Somatic embryogenesis technique). Moreover, Karaiaf Agricultural has a commercial Date Palm Mass Propagation Lab, and our main goal is to produce the best variety of a healthy cultivar in large scales at a competitive and affordable price.

Min 2 years (Junior Executive)
United Arab Emirates

Job Purpose

Tissue Culture Technicians may carry out sampling, testing, measuring, recording and analysing of results as part of a scientific team. Technicians provide all the required technical support to enable the laboratory to function effectively, while adhering to correct procedures and health and safety guidelines.

Tissue Culture Technician may also assist with experiments by logging details and setting up lab equipments. Prior to beginning the experiment, they may also need to clean and calibrate equipment, measure compounds and prepare solutions for use. Next, they will perform or help with experiments. Once complete, they may be responsible for recording results and disposing of hazardous waste.

Key performance Areas
  • The Tissue Culture Specialist’s primary responsibilities will be
  • To produce sufficient numbers of plantlets to plant the minituber greenhouses with the correct varieties at specified times
  • Maintain complete records
  • Grow samples of cloned cells
  • Maintain the laboratory
  •  Follow appropriate procedures and laboratory instructions
  • Assist in the preparation of upcoming laboratory use
Main Tasks & Accountabilities
  • Maintenance of variety and line identity and purity
  • Maintain complete records of accessions, certification testing, and inventories
  •  Maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the laboratory
  •  Continuous improvement and innovation of tissue culture techniques for orchids and potential new crops
  •  Assist General Manager
  • Observe greenhouse crops and recommend inputs
  •   Investigate new crop opportunities for both tissue culture and greenhouse production
  •  Be “On Call” to respond to system alarms nights and weekends for one week/month
  • Clean, sterilize and maintain equipment and facilities
  • Set up and operate equipment including microscopes, environmental chambers (incubators), pH Meters and centrifuges
  • Select live material with the desired characteristics
  • Dissect and test tissues or cells for viruses and other diseases
  • Prepare selected tissues or cells for reproduction
  • Prepare reproductive and growth chemical solutions (medias) suitable for the species to be cloned
  •   Chemically treat selected tissues or cells to induce genetic mutations
  • Place tissues or cells in sterile chemical solutions or medias and place on shakers to initiate reproduction or growth
  • Place reproduced plant material in sealed sterile containers containing a nutrient gel, then grow under controlled temperature and light conditions, repeating this process until the specimens are of sufficient size
  • Grow samples of cloned cells or organisms to maturity and monitor them for desirable or undesirable genetic mutations (genotypes) or characteristics (phenotypes)
  • Using computers and performing mathematical calculations for the preparation of graphs
  • Record results by using computers or other methods
  • Clean the hoods, the areas around balances, and the areas around instruments used during the laboratory period
  • Replace supplies such as weighing paper, filter paper, boiling chips, cotton, litmus, and acetone, as required
  • Carrying out routine tasks accurately and following strict methodologies to carry out analyses
  • Preparing specimens and samples
  • Ensuring the laboratory is well-stocked and resourced
  •  Keeping up to date with technical developments, especially those which can save time and improve reliability
  • Conducting searches on identified topics relevant to the research; following and ensuring strict safety procedures and safety checks.
·         Minimum 2 years in the related field.
·         Diploma in Life Science, Botany or any related field.
·         Bachelor's degree in Life Science, Botany or any related field is a preference.
·         Excellent communication skills (English verbal is a must)
·         Computer Skills (MS Office/MS Excel)
·         Excellent Reporting Skills
·         Ability to Communicate effectively
·         Hygiene Control

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  1. Hi, I am Angelyn Badiang from Philippines, I would like to inquire for the position. I am a Bachelor of Science in Biology major in Botany of Leyte State University, Visca, Baybay, Leyte,Philippines.